Truss 8th Wheel 83mm | 2 pairs

Avid RCSKU: AV1108-W

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Product Overview

COLD WEATHER WARNING: We have been learning that some racers are cracking these in cold weather conditions of 40f and below. The performance gained with our wheels is due to the stiffness and this may be what is causing them to become brittle in these harsh conditions. We are trying to learn now if racers are just racing in colder weather than before or if something has changed at our manufacturer. But you can rest assured in warmer weather this design has proven time and time again to be an advantage over your competion.

The Avid Truss 8th Wheel is another innovation by Avid RC. The 8th scale wheel is extremely important to the overall handling of the buggy and often over looked. We have developed several unique features into these gems to provide the best performance and handling for your long and brutal main events!


  • It is recommended to lightly ream out the center hole so the wheel will be easier to remove if you crank down your wheel nuts like the Hulk.


  • Outer channels, nick named the "foam grippers", remove a little rotating mass at the furthest point but more importantly they help the foam from shifting side to side. The benefit on track is that the car has more stability, especially when you are off power trying to swerve left and right to avoid a wreck or through a set of switchbacks after a high speed section.
  • Rounded outer glue bead that extends slightly past the tire when mounted to help guide the glue easily into place and to also help protect the bead from having direct contract with ruts which can quickly start tearing the tire off of the rim.
  • Looking inside the wheel you will see where it gets the name "Truss". The internal ribbing uses the strength of triangles instead of having straight ribs. Instead of us explaining the benefits of trusses and why they are considered the strongest structural design, just Google it, we didn't invent it. The focus of the Truss starts at the center of the wheel so the tighter triangles help keep the torque strength right where you want it when applying all your throttle, at the nut.
  • The glue bead support ribs, or what we like to call the headboards, are quite small so it doesn't interfere with the foam and tire doing their work while landing off of large jumps or rough conditions. It feels like you are landing on pillows and allows the foam not to be torn apart from getting sliced from a taller rib.
  • The face has a slight concave instead of the common flat dish. The benefit of this design is mostly for aesthetics, other than slightly more wheel nut protection, it makes for a very shiny wheel because the curve encourages reflections and it helps break up the monotony of the common designs on the market.
  • They have the common features such as the rough glue bead area for better gluing, wheel nut area cut outs to help serrated wheel nuts grab more edges, and the logo inset on the face of the wheel to represent.
  • Large 83mm outer diameter.
  • Lightweight at 36.2g each.

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