Tekno RC EB410/ET410 Spindle Arms (Click for options)

Tekno RCSKU: TKR6669A

Size: Type A
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Tekno EB410/ET410 Spindle Arms are used in combination with Tekno Adjustable Ackermann Spindles (TKR6553X). 

When the arms and spindles are combined, this system allows additional Ackermann positions are available that boost low-speed steering and provide a more direct and linear feel throughout the wheel travel. More Ackermann provides quicker initial steering response, more initial steering, and is better suited for small tracks with tight corners. Less Ackermann has smoother initial steering response, more mid and exit steering, and typically works well for larger tracks with flowing corners. TKR6669A is recommended for Buggy. Type A provides the least amount of Ackermann, while Type D provides the most Ackermann.

Vehicle Compatibility

  • This can be used with the EB410, EB410.2, ET410 and ET410.2 vehicles but you will need TKR6553X for the EB410, EB410.2 and ET410.

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