Shock Spring Set (rear, 1.3×8.875, 3.22lb/in, 63mm, red)

Tekno RCSKU: TKR7247

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Product Description

TKR7247 – Shock Spring Set (rear, 1.3×8.875, 3.22lb/in, 63mm, red)

Vehicle Compatibility

  • TKR7247 - Shock Spring Set (rear, 1.3x8.875, 3.22lb/in, 63mm, red) is included with the ET410.2 kit and can be used as a replacement part for that vehicle.
  • This can be used with the ET410 vehicle and should be a direct replacement for the stock part or used as a new feature. Please use the instruction manual for the kit(s) listed to verify compatibility and no additional items are necessary before purchasing.

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