Prodigy 2.2 Buggy Rear Tires / D40 Compound / With Inserts


Tire Compound: D30 (Super Soft)
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DE Racing is proud to release a 1/10 buggy tire that utilizes a breakthrough tread design for dusty to loose dirt. Aptly named Prodigy, this innovative wiz focuses on grip stabilization and dirt evacuation that other simple small pin tires can't match. Whether shredding the jumps with an off-road buggy or ripping through the corners on a dirt oval the Prodigy has what it takes to get you to the front.


· Small pin style lug tire

· Self-stabilizing tread design

· Designed to evacuate dirt and mud

· Featured in our D40 (Soft) and D30 (Super Soft) compounds

· Includes red closed cell inserts

· Available in front and rear buggy sizes

· Standard 2.2" glue beads

· Made in the U.S.A.

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