EXO FAN MOUNT v2- CLAMP ON SET, for 1/8 trucks and buggies

EXO FAN MOUNT v2- CLAMP ON SET, for 1/8 trucks and buggies

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New V2 mount with larger double screw mounting bar.

Keep your 1/8 sized motors from fading or melting down in the heat by way of our special clamp on alloy fan mount for high powered 40mm and 30mm fans (not included). The mounting bracket has multi-mount features that allows the fan to be securely affixed to the motor can in tight spaces- no ejected fans after big jumps!

The extra modular design means with a few adjustments you can mount a fan securely in any 1/8 Truggy and most e-buggies and the mount positions the fans 10-14mm away from the motor can. This proper spacing helps insure the fan does not lose rpm's due to magnetic interference from your motor. A fan that is placed too close to the motor can actually stop spinning as you apply maximum throttle due to the fact that the motors stronger EMF can slow or shut down the fans EMF.

Designed for use with high power 40mm and 30mm fans.

Choice of polished and anodized black or blue for that factory look.

For standard 1/8 size motors with an end bell diameter of 39.5-40.5mm.

$22.95 MSRP 

Fan and 2-M3 fan screws required- not included.