Composite XB4 Suspension Arm Front Lower

XRAYSKU: 362112

Material: Medium
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Front lower suspension arm made from super-tough composite material that is exclusively used for suspension arms, a perfect balance between reliability and performance. The suspension arm itself is rigid enough to provide a responsive feel, yet soft enough to provide extreme durability.

Front lower suspension arm made from super-tough, high-tech composite material. The exclusive composite mixture used for suspension arms gives a perfect balance between reliability and performance; the suspension arm is rigid enough for a responsive feel and extreme durability.

This HARD arm is suitable for most track conditions, especially for medium- and high-traction tracks.

Universal design allows this front arm to be used on either left or right sides.

Front lower suspension arm made from all-new special graphite composite mixture, perfect for high-traction conditions. The graphite arms make the car more stable and increase cornering speed.

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