Alu Lower Susp. Holder Wide for HS Bulkhead - Rear-Front

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Alu lower suspension holder wide for the FRONT of the rear suspension redesigned along with the HS bulkheads for an expanded range of set-up adjustments.

The wider suspension holders increase the stability of the car. Suitable for all track conditions. Must be used together as a set of WIDE Rear-Front (RF) and WIDE Rear-Rear (RR).

The rear suspension holders allow installation in upright or inverted orientations, resulting in additional roll center locations for the inner hinge pins.

The downward orientation of the suspension holder is used primarily for Dirt tracks.

The upward orientation of the suspension holder is used primarily for Carpet tracks.

The suspension holders allow use of both the long or standard suspension arm configurations.

Machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and black coated.

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