True Spec Extreme Graphene V2 14.8V 5200mAh LCG 120C

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The new Extreme Graphene V2 packs are the best packs we have offered yet for performance.  You can read about this new series here ROAR Approval pending 

LCG pack only 37mm in height. The lower weight of this 4S pack will help balance out your buggy/truggy.  The lower height will improve the handling due to the center of gravity being lower.  Racers who use an efficient motor and are smooth on the throttle will be able to make 10 minute races on this pack.  We also offer a 6000mAh-LCG for those who are more demanding on runtime. 


- Built with wide tab cells for lowest possible internal resistance.
- 10AWG wires soldered straight to the tabs. 

 True mAh +/- 5%:     5200mAh

Voltage:                     14.8V

C rate:                       120C

Power Factor:           PF383 For more information click here

Size:                          34mm x 38mm x 139mm G10 Hardcase LCG

Weight:                      442gr       

Wire size:                  10AWG

Charge rate:              1C to 5C please note that a higher charge rate will put less mAh into the pack and will reduce cycle life

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