Tekin T180 Servo Lo Profile Torque, Vector AL Arm

Tekin T180 Servo Lo Profile Torque, Vector AL Arm

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Designed for 1/10 and 1/12 scale applications
Element-proof and dependable no matter the terrain, servo is designed
to handle water, mud and snow with resonable restrictions,
submerging in any liquid is not recommended
Precision cut full metal gears
High-torque coreless motor
Digital magnetic position encoder
All aluminum housing
Overload and thermal protection
ABEC5 rated ball bearings
HDAC, high Density Copper PCBs
Fully programmable when connected to the Tekin Hotwire PC Interface
(not included), programmable features include
Feel, Mild to Aggressive
Speed Limit
Torque (0-100)
Torgue Limit
Direction NormalReverse
Band Select NormalNarrow
Center Point
Soft Starting Speed and Torque
Max Temp Alarm
Low Voltage Alarm
Over Voltage Alarm
Bind Relief
Fail Safe Speed and Position
Set Custom Servo Name
One year limited warranty through Tekin beginning at date of purchase




Tekin T-180 Low Profile Servo
Single-sided 0.79 (20mm) Vector Aluminum Arm
1.5 (39mm) diameter 4-Point Horn
1.2 (31mm) diameter 6-Point Horn
0.79 (20mm) long Single Sided Arm
1.7 (44mm) long Double Sided Arm
0.79 (20mm) diameter Horn
Four Each Grommets, Eyelets, 3x15mm Mounting Screws
One 3x5mm Horn Mounting Screw




Torque: 8.4 7.4 6.0V
212 194 165 ozin
15.3 14.0 11.9 kgcm
Dynamic Torque: 350 323 280 ozin
25.2 23.0 20.2 kgcm
Speed: 0.06 0.07 0.08sec60
Input Voltage: 4.8V-8.4V
Dimensions: 1.57 x 0.79 x 1.06 (40 x 20 x 27mm)
Mounting Height (Base to Mount Tabs): 0.72 (18.4mm)
Weight: 1.92oz (54.6g)
Output Spline: 25 tooth